Mold Mat


The Truffly Made Silicone Mat is designed to cover all the Truffly Made molds and protect the filling from moisture and humidity.

Reference: TM-MC-001
Mold Size : 292 x 381 mm (11.5” x 15”)
Mold Layout: N/A
Cavities Per Mold: N/A
Cavity Size:  N/A
Cavity volume: N/A

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Additional information

  • 100% Platinum Cured Silicone Rubber
  • Certified Food Grade and FDA Approved
  • One mold sized to perfectly fill half of an 18 x 26 inch industrial sheet pan
  • Bake or freeze with temperatures from -40°F up to 500°F.
  • Expected silicone molds life with proper care: 4 years +.
  • Flexible, durable and reliable. High grade silicone with strong resistance to warping, tearing or shrinking and flexible enough to allow for hassle free release of each candy.
  • 12 month Warranty.

Truffly Made silicone molds gives a precisely formed shaped candy. Can be used with chocolate, ganache, caramel, gummy, praline and hard candy. Eliminating the need for hand-manufacture and creates uniform candies every time.

Truffly Made molds are the most advanced in professional confectionery products making and are the only molds that allows you to easily pop out candies in a one step process.

These food grade non-stick silicone candy molds are simple to use, easy to clean, and saves on labor costs. They are designed for commercial use and are temperature resistant from -40°F. to 500°F to allow you to work with blast freezer and oven.

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